The main principles of DevOps

Considering DevOps as scaling Agile-approach for the whole process of software development, implementation and maintenance, we can distinguish 5 basic principles (CALMS) of its implementation in order to increase the frequency of releases and increase team responsibility for the product:

  1. Culture – cross-functional cooperation of multidisciplinary specialists and teams through a single information space project content, open communication channels and constant communication of all participants;
  2. Automatization – the use of tools for continuous delivery with running each code edit through a series of automated tests, often using the cloud infrastructure, and subsequent packaging of successful builds with further moving to a working server through automated deployments and infrastructure management as code through the configuration of self-deployed environments;
  3. Lean – eliminate low usability actions and accelerate processes, continuous improvement through regular retrospective analysis, separate testing of different tools, acceptance of defeats, ability to quickly detect problems and solve them immediately;
  4. Measurement of performance, such as the duration of users’ work with the product, the frequency of critical error messages in the logs – need clear and precise performance criteria, process performance indicators;
  5. Sharing – shared responsibility and success sharing, the release and maintenance of an application is performed by the same people who built it, i.e. Developers and Operators interact at every stage of the application life cycle.

Why do you need the devops services?

At the moment devops as a service is a popular type of solution, which is actively used by different companies. If you want to reach a new level and actively promote your business, you just need to connect devops as a service. This will create all the necessary conditions for development and help you reach new unexpected results with your project. If you think about the need to connect the devops, you should understand that this solution can be extremely valuable and really help you get the result.

However, you should first find a company that is ready to take on some of the devops work. Fortunately, you can always find a great solution online that will bring you quality results. So use this tip to improve your situation.