Security and some rules on dating site

Today, as you know, the Internet was almost the most popular place to meet. Someone finds with its help friends in the interests, someone just interlocutors, but most often here looking for a couple for serious relationships and family. Now the number of people looking for love and personal happiness through the Internet, exceeds hundreds of millions. After all, it is very convenient, especially given our employment and feverish rhythm of life. And judging by the revelations on the forums, successful acquaintances, marriage unions, beautiful love relations are also many. More than a third of marriages concluded in 2005-2012, began with online dating, showed a study conducted at the University of Chicago. It is very easy to search for a pair by category, for example, you can search only jain matrimony.

When people find each other and their happiness, it’s great, but there are those who get into very unpleasant situations. Tips will help you avoid disappointment and stress. It is very important to follow a few “rules of vigilance” for your comfortable communication on the Internet.

At the beginning of your acquaintance, while you are just getting to know people, do not give your name, place of work and other data. If someone is pressuring you to get your personal information before you are ready to tell them, it is best to stop communicating with that person. Pay attention to the stories of those you are communicating with, see if the facts are changing: age, job, education, other details. This will allow you to find out if you are being cheated or not.

Some girls complain that they receive few messages from men, but on the other hand, maybe you are not active yourself? There is the easiest way to pay attention to yourself – the more profiles you have viewed, the more men will see your profile. Don’t forget to log in as a registered member (under your password), so your profile will always appear on the first page of the photo gallery. Add your favorite profile to your Favorites, send a greeting or a message – in each case, men will be notified that you are interested in them. If you are interested in the category buddhist matrimony, then focus on it.

It is not easy to be noticed in this bright and diverse modern world, and it is necessary to make some efforts and take some time for men to distinguish yours among other questionnaires and want further communication.

To quickly improve the situation, we recommend you to try to take such measures:

  1. Replace the photos with those that are clearly visible. It is better to take studio photos – a portrait and in full height. especially important is the first photo in the questionnaire, and the better it is, the better the result!
  2. Take the initiative, use the signs of attention to find out which of the men are interested in getting to know you and in further communication. After exchanging a few short greetings, write a small letter to the man – a little bit about yourself and about the relationship you are interested in. Let the letter be personal, don’t forget to mention what attracted you in the application form. Be sincere, friendly, let me feel that this is important for you.

If you have found an interesting person, after a while start talking to them over the phone. A telephone conversation will give you a clearer picture of the person’s qualities. Be sure to ask for a photo, or even better a few, taken in different situations. Make sure that it is a real person and the photo coincides with the description of your friend. Of course, it is not worth bringing precautions to paranoia, but if you think about safety and pay it some attention, it will protect you from possible trouble. We wish you to meet and communicate only with sincere and good people, and everything will work out!