Best boutique amp for blues rock

Exactly how to Select a Guitar Amp Sweetwater has the right guitar amplifier to obtain your music message out to your audience! This Sweetwater Buying Overview includes information that can aid you choose a guitar amp for your demands. Because […]

Hendrix hot in 2018: New ‘Sky’ set, 2 SACDs

The final chapter of what’s being called a Jimi Hendrix unreleased-track trilogy lands March 9. “Both Sides of the Sky” features 10 recordings that the Hendrix estate says have never been released, along with three others.

Record Store Day 2018: The psychedelic menu

Record Store Day 2018 is delivering quality and quantity, with a noticeable uptick in label participation. The psychedelic/underground genre gets its due, with featured vinyl from Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Arthur Lee, the Doors and the Grateful Dead.