Is it possible to stop playing online casinos yourself?

Sooner or later experienced gamblers themselves realize that frolicking addiction spoils their lives very much. And although understanding is one of the most important steps on the road to recovery, it is equally important to take some action. When addiction begins to suffer not only you but also family, relatives or friends, it is better to immediately contact specialists. But if there is no such an opportunity or simply no desire, here are steps that will help get rid of cravings for gambling, at least for a while.

Despite what many say about the game addiction, in practice it is very rare. So if you can control yourself, it is important simply to find a reliable casino with good bonuses. For example, you can look for 888 casino promotions here Now let’s talk about what to do in case of a real addiction.

Block accounts in online casinos

There are two methods of blocking. The essence of the first is that you yourself will write to the administration of the institution with a request to delete the account forever. But this only works with licensed well-known casinos. You can request a temporary blocking for a certain period, if it is provided by the institution. For the second method, we will need to get a new mailbox, when registering which you need to create such a password that you will not be able to remember it the first time. For example, a set of random characters, special characters, etc. – things that are not personally related to you. After that, you open each account in the casino and change the current email address to a new one.

Do the same with the password – use a random combination (the basis can be taken that you have prepared for e-mail). Further, everything is simple – close the document without saving its contents or delete the file with the passwords forever. Such manipulations will lead to the fact that you will not be able to restore the account, not knowing the password from the email address.

Distract yourself with something else: computer games, movies, studies

The method is the most gentle and pleasant of all, but requires willpower. The task is simple – watch a movie, read a book, listen to music or play computer games. Start doing something that will take you into the process so much that you can forget about gambling entertainment for a while. And it’s not just about playing for real money. You can not even play for free – there should be no connection to the casino!

Deny yourself the opportunity to make deposits

Eliminate all deposit methods. If the money is mostly kept on the card – do not spare and break it. In the worst case, you’ll have to stand in line at the bank branch to restore the plastic. If you use an electronic payment system more often – change the password or withdraw all available funds to the card and then destroy it. You can also call the bank’s operator and ask him to turn off your online banking feature or unlink your card account.

The main thing is to hold on for a couple of weeks

If after all that you manage to hold out for 2-3 weeks, the craving for games will diminish. One of the most important points – is to restrain yourself in terms of communication with people who also regularly play in the casino. Ideally, you need to completely eliminate your mindset from the realm of gambling. Remove thematic sites from your bookmarks, don’t read the news and don’t watch movies with a gambling bias – don’t be interested in anything that has anything to do with casinos.

If you realize that you don’t have a gambling addiction, you should find a reliable casino and try your luck there. You can use to search.